What’s a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is a type of research study that helps the medical community learn more about a specific health condition and evaluate new drugs, devices, or treatments. Whether a medication or device is intended for humans or animals, a clinical trial is necessary to determine if it is safe and effective.

By participating in this study, you and your cat will help veterinarians evaluate a potential new liquid medication that may help cats with hypertension.

This study may lead to a new treatment for feline high blood pressure

This clinical trial will evaluate a potential new liquid medication intended for the treatment of hypertension in cats. Investigators are recruiting owners of cats with untreated hypertension, and those with kidney disease or hyperthyroidism for the study because feline kidney disease and hyperthyroidism often go hand-in-hand with hypertension.

What cats are eligible?

Your cat could be eligible if he/she…:

  • Is at least 1 year old
  • Tests positive for high blood pressure (hypertension) during the screening visit
  • Has not previously taken medication for hypertension
  • Has no severe signs of hypertension (blindness, retinal detachment, nervous system signs)
  • Is well enough to participate for up to 6 months (time enrolled depends on many factors but may be from 2 weeks to 6 months)
  • Has no other severe uncontrolled diseases
  • Meets all other study criteria (which will be explained by the investigator when your cat is evaluated)

Why participate?

Veterinary clinical trials can lead to better treatments and increased survival rates, and may improve health conditions that affect the pets we love. Most pet owners find that being involved in a clinical trial is both interesting and rewarding.

In addition, participation in this clinical trial can offer your pet some of the most advanced medical care available–at no cost.*

Is it safe for my cat?

This trial is regulated by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and therefore held to strict standards to ensure that cats are treated as safely as possible. Each trial site has a veterinarian in charge, and each doctor follows identical procedures in treating the cats in the trial. Once an FDA trial is completed, information from all the sites will be combined, compared and submitted to the FDA for review.

During your cat’s preliminary evaluation, the clinical investigator will thoroughly discuss with you any risks involved in the study.

What will I have to do if I participate?

This study will involve giving your cat medication as directed, taking notes on giving the medication, and bringing your cat in for evaluations about every 2 weeks for the first month (a total of 4 visits), then every 6 weeks for up to 5 additional months (if your cat qualifies and you elect to participate in the second part of the study). It should not involve a huge time commitment, but it is important that you carefully follow all the instructions and procedures the investigator gives you.

Where are the investigation sites?

Click here to see if there is a site near where you live.
Our FAQ page will answer many of your questions about this study.

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